Hog Hunting Gear You Need to Bring Down a Big Boar

Those invasive feral hogs need to go.

With the right gear you can put a dent in the population.

These five hog hunting gear selections will bring home the bacon.

1. The Bushmaster BF 450 Rifle

For close to medium range you want a fast shooting rifle that is chambered for a sledgehammer like caliber. Well the Bushmaster BF 450 Rifle is a great pick. Firing in semi-automatic action from a 5 shot detachable magazine plus one round in the chamber the .450 Bushmaster caliber is hard to beat. We smell pork on the grill already.

2. Remington 783 Bolt Action Rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum

The mighty .300 Winchester Magnum is a perfect long range feral hog caliber. When combined with this Remington bolt action rifle and a 3-9 power 40mm scope the hogs will never know where the shots came from but they will certainly know what they do.

3. Ammo that will penetrate

The Federal Trophy Bonded Tip 300 Winchester Magnum 165 Grain ammunition is made for big game where penetration and knock down power is required. Load heavy as the beasts you are after take a lot of lead to put down.

4. American Hunter Tripod Feeder

With 8 foot legs and a 225 pound capacity this feeder will bring in the hogs from miles around. Get yourself a good spot and watch this feeder. Hungry hogs will swarm in by the dozens.

5. Get a helicopter (or a friend with one)


Sitting and waiting sometimes is just too boring. Why not hop on a helicopter and shoot the invasive hogs from the air? Talk about an adrenaline rush and HeliBacon Experience is the way to go.