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Could You Hit a Wild Hog Through the Palmettos Like This?

wild hog

A.J. Neste is at it again and this time he's made one of the best shots he's ever taken on a wild hog. Here's how you hit a license plate hidden in the palmettos with a bow.

We've seen self described 'Soul Provider' A.J. Neste before. Since he feeds his family only wild game meat, he'll be the first to say that "if we're going to provide for this barbecue, then we gotta go looking for it"

Truer words were never spoken by all those that count on wild game as the best nutritional diet plan for their families.

Once you've found it out in the wide open spaces, you'll need to make your shot count if you want to bring home the bacon, and Neste is a pro at doing just that.

Here's how you poke a pig that you can barely see:

That was a heckuva shot A.J.! I think my favorite part was watching the care at which he butchered his animal and then almost lovingly washed it before presenting it to his family and friends.

Congratulations to Neste and all those who would take the same care and responsibility to use what nature provides, while always making sure not to forget to give back.



Could You Hit a Wild Hog Through the Palmettos Like This?