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This Florida Hunter and His Family Only Consume Meat He Hunts

Hunting to provide meat for the table takes on a whole different meaning when you refuse to eat what they have in the store.

Florida hunter A.J. Neste and his family made the decision to abstain from any meat that might be mass produced, have added hormones, or been treated with antibiotics.

With that in mind, the objective of hunting becomes more vitally important than ever before.

Here’s a way to provide meat for your family and teach your children to give thanks and respect for the life of the animal.

Calling himself a “Huntatarian” is one thing, taking game as the only meat on the table is another.

Many of us provide the meat on our own tables by hunting, but not everyone uses hunting as the only source. Bettering our world by climbing of the grid or by “buying local” are but small ways to improve the planet. Truly, if everyone did this, our world could be a better place, but there are not enough deer to go around. Sportsmen and women are true conservationists, and understand that seasons and bag limits are there for everyone.

I’m certainly not suggesting that this Florida hunter is in any way taking more than his fair share of game, not at all, but with the population of the planet what it is, how long would our wild game last if suddenly it was our only source of meat?

We have to be in this world to help each other and these are the questions we are going to have to answer.



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This Florida Hunter and His Family Only Consume Meat He Hunts