Hippo vs Lions
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Three Lions Run for the Hills After Angering a Hippo During a River Crossing

Many people may think the lion is an untouchable apex predator, but in the murky waters of Africa, it's the hippo who is in charge. It's easy to forget just how aggressive and territorial a hippo can be because we usually just see shots of them lounging in the mud or water with nothing but their heads exposed to the surface. However, when a hippo gets mad, you're going to know it. Today's video gives just a peek of that aggression. This footage was shot in Botswana on the Selinda spillway. Some tourists have stopped to film three lions that are swimming across.

Nearby, a hippo spots the two big cats and decides to make a statement the predators are not welcome here. The hippo charges through the water like a battleship and catches up to them right in the middle. Despite that huge snapping maw of the hippo, the lions somehow manage to avoid peril and make their way to shore where they beat a hasty retreat away from the dangers of the river.

We're still not quite sure how the one lion managed to escape being bitten by the hippo. Many people forget the hippo has some rather formidable teeth. These animals have been documented easily killing crocodiles and other animals that did nothing more than enter their domain. It's not a stretch to say that the lion could have easily been killed by the hippo had it been caught. However, it's also likely the hippo just wanted to scare the lions away more than anything else.

The hippopotamus is one of the most feared animals in Africa by both humans and other animals for a reason, and this video perfectly illustrates that. In fact, after the cape buffalo, the hippo could probably be considered the most dangerous animal in Africa, and you'd be wise to avoid the water wherever they are present.

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