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Cranky Hippo Kills Kudu, Refuses to Let Wild Dogs Scavenge It

Hippo vs Kudu
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This kudu had an incredibly bad day at the waterhole.

If we were to make a list of African animals we would want to be, the kudu would be near the bottom with the lowly impala. Simply because these mammals are incredibly vulnerable to attack from anything and everything. Every day is a struggle to survive in South Africa. It is not just predators that kill animals like kudu either.

In this video, a territorial hippo has decided to maul a poor kudu that just happens to be in its swimming hole. The video picks up while the kudu is already struggling to get away. Things quickly take an even darker turn though.

The hippo, after nearly drowning and disemboweling the kudu, takes it to shore where a pack of opportunistic wild dogs just happens to be hanging out. The dogs quickly try to steal the kill away, which makes the hippo decide it does not want to give it up!

This footage was shot in South Africa's Kruger National Park, which is often home to such lop-sided three-way battles. It is likely the kudu's only crime was getting into the hippo's personal space, which was probably the whole waterhole. Of course, the hippo was not trying to "save" the kudu as the child heard in the video was narrating. Her grandparents simply did not reveal the ugly true nature of the situation to her.

Wild dogs are extremely opportunistic when it comes to their meals. To the point they were willing to brave the wrath of an angry hippo in a chance to get an easy meal. After all, the kudu was already drowned and gored to death, the dogs would have to expend very little energy on a kill, which substantially helps their chances of survival.

According to the video's description, the hippo eventually left, and the dogs had their feast. When they were finished, the vultures moved in. It may not be pretty, but this is how things operate in nature. At least nothing goes to waste in the wilds of Africa.

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Cranky Hippo Kills Kudu, Refuses to Let Wild Dogs Scavenge It