Crystal Gonzalez hiking/ Mount Baldy
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"Hiking Queen" Posts Warning Before Fall Down Snowy Mountain

Known as the "hiking queen," Crystal Paula Gonzalez-Landas, posted hiking tips and her adventures on her social media accounts. The 56-year-old posted a video warning other hikers of icy snow slides with no traction coming down Mount Baldy days before slipping down an icy hillside to her death.

According to KTLA, she fell 500-700 feet down Baldy Bowl's steep hillside. California Office of Emergency Services reached out to San Bernardino Sheriff's when they received "an SOS message from a Garmin InReach device" that alerted them to a hiker who had fallen down Baldy Bowl. According to a press release, the Sheriff's patrol helicopter located the hiker "surrounded by numerous helpful hikers assisting in any way they could." Medics in the helicopter, known as 40 King, assessed her injuries and requested a hoist and transport from Air Rescue due to the nature and severity of her injuries. However, before they could transport her, she succumbed to her injuries. According to the press release, the medics were able to airlift Gonzalez-Landas off the mountain after the weather improved.

The last video Gonzalez-Landas posted showed her heading out for a hike with her headlamp on. Fans and family members are devastated to hear of her tragic and untimely passing. The mother of four's children have organized a GoFundMe to raise funds for her funeral.

The page reads: "Many know her as the dancing hiking queen or hiker for life. She's known in the community for her fearless hikes, and daily dose of inspiration. More importantly, she was an amazing mother of four, a sister, and a friend to everyone she met. She is the personification of strength, love, and beauty. She was a beacon of light to everyone who knew her and was always ready to lend a helping hand."

Gonzalez-Landas isn't the only hiker to slip on the mountain's ice. According to the press release, authorities say two hikers have died in the same area in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, hiking injuries and death happen every season on Mount Baldy.

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