Watch the Funniest "He’s a 10, But..." Dog Videos on TikTok

The latest trend taking over social media involves rating someone's attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10—but there's a twist. While they are given an initial score right away, they're also assigned a negative or positive trait that might affect their rating. Each post begins with something like, "He's a 10, but..." and is followed by the controversial behavior. While this popular meme format typically centers around people, social media users have gotten creative with the trend by revealing their pets' adorable (or undesirable!) habits.

This collection of "He's a 10, but..." dog TikToks will surely put a smile on your face. After watching their silly behaviors, you'll be the judge of these cute pooches' final scores. (Spoiler alert: They're all still 10s!)

In a video that has more than 20 million views, a miniature goldendoodle named Harvey shows off his post-bath look. With all of his luscious curls flattened, the drenched pooch looks completely different—but TikTok viewers agree that his cuteness is not lost! "20/10 still the best boy," one user wrote.


He?s a??. Be nice ? #dogsoftiktok #hesatenbut #fyp #puppy

? original sound - ?

Charli the whippador has won the hearts of almost 50 million people with her shockingly human laugh.
"She's a 10, but she laughs too loud when watching TV," her owner captioned the TikTok before showing the silly pup on the couch letting out a hilarious cackle. It's unclear what exactly the "laugh" is but TikTok viewers are obsessed with the unique noise. Definitely a 10!


Keep it down Char ??? #dogdad #funny #charli_puppydog

? original sound - ?

When Hudson the golden retriever had a beach day, he had to face his fear of the ocean to grab his favorite ball. The poor pooch was shaking as the scary waves approached him, but the brave boy succeeded in retrieving his toy. "With that soul and cuteness, it is a 100000000," one TikTok user said. Ditto!


thats a tough one #hesa10 #ocean #scaredycat

? original sound - ?

One owner revealed that her golden is a 10 but "doesn't know how to turn his head sideways." Instead, the funny pup puts his head directly back. "Automatically a one million for being so dang cute," one commenter reasoned.


Automatic 15/10 #fyp #goldenretriever #hesa10but #dogsoftiktok #trending

? original sound - ?

Myko stands when his owner tells him no and cocks his head in confusion. Viewers agree that this adorable behavior does not change his perfect score!


Is this normal? ?

? original sound - ?

Another dog owner hopped on the trend to show the haunting but hilarious look his canine gives at night. Watch at your own risk!

"She's a 10..but she has to wear a spoon so she doesn't escape through the fence," wrote one creative dog owner about her fun-sized pup. It's no surprise that the rebellious girl received 10's across the board!


It?s called being resourceful. ? #puppy #10 #trend #fyp #foryou #cute #funny #escape #spoon

? original sound - ?

According to his owner, if Bennie the dachshund doesn't wear his "paw-some sleeper" PJs to bed every night, he cries. Can you blame him? As you can imagine, the comfy pup's scores were off the charts!


I mean?. Idk. ¯_(?)_/¯

? original sound - ?

TikTok's most spooked pooch is a bulldog named Beast with a fear of cats. He's 10 in our book!


#fyp #fyp?

? original sound - ?

"He's a 10 but he carries around an emotional support baby yoda," an owner captioned her viral TikTok. Viewers couldn't get enough of the golden retriever puppy and his equally adorable companion.


#goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok #puppy

? original sound - ?

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