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Here's Why Everyone Should Consider Pike Fishing in Sweden

pike fishing
Facebook: Fishing in Sweden

Pike fishing in Sweden is like ordering a steak at your favorite restaurant: you'll always get a good one!

Fishing in Sweden shared another classic pike fishing video with us and it is everything that you hoped for. Since this isn't the first time these anglers have shared their veteran fishing skills, we'll just take it for granted that they know exactly what they are doing.

The lure in question was a 12-centimeter (roughly 4 1/2-inch) crankbait known as a "swim glidebait" in official "roach" pattern.

They listed the fish at 1.20 meters, which is nearly 48 inches long, although they did not list the weight. Whatever the case, that's a big Swedish fish and you can see it all right here:

You can contact the Fishing in Sweden Facebook page to find out more specific details on the rod, the reel and the lures used. Obviously Henrik Olsson can catch fish, and we hope he keeps on sharing his skills with the rest of us!

Pike fishing is one of our favorite pastimes, being that they grow to a very large size and are some of the most aggressive fish that we hunt the water for.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

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Here's Why Everyone Should Consider Pike Fishing in Sweden