snakey bow

A Crooked Bow Can Shoot Straight, Here's Why

Ryan Gill of Primitive Archery loves debunking archery myths. Watch him shoot perfectly straight with a snakey bow and explain how it works.

"This has a lot of crook and wiggle and stuff," Ryan begins, showing us a couple of his own handcrafted snakey, twisted limb bows. Apparently, he gets questions (or perhaps "challenges") about them all the time, and he's more than happy to bust some of the most widespread archery myths.

"They tell me that if the recurve is bent out just a little bit, it won't shoot straight, which is not true."

The right question to ask is, "Is the tiller smooth and even?"

"A well-made bow can be all kinds of crooked and still shoot straight," says Ryan, as long as it is tiller tuned well.

As you can see in the video, Ryan isn't a bad shot with his bows, so when he posted this video on his YouTube Channel, he got some requests for video about his technique. We'll stay tuned and post if we find a follow-up.