Python Manages to Swallow a Saltwater Crocodile Whole

Ready for some nightmare fuel? Check out these photos of a python swallowing a crocodile.

Australia is known for their dangerous wildlife, and is home to some of the real wonders of our natural world.

That became all too real when the GG Wildlife Rescue, Inc. Facebook page shared these photos, taken by Martin Muller while he was kayaking in Mount Isa, Queensland, of Mother Nature going about its business.

Here we have an olive python, the country's second largest snake, working on a reptilian meal in the wilds of western Australia.

It's amazing to see a snake eat just about anything, but a decent-sized Australian freshwater crocodile is an entirely different matter. And, considering it ate the entire crocodile, we were understandably awestruck.

It's a sticky situation for the croc, and the python looked to make quick work of its dinner.

Open wide!

That can't be comfortable!

This snake's parents likely never had to tell it to clean its plate!

Can you imagine the indigestion after you swallow a crocodile whole?

That doesn't look normal at all...

Just a little bit left!

No napkin necessary.

You can see it in the eyes; he's no longer hungry.

That feeling when you leave the restaurant too stuffed to move fast.

It'll be a while before that snake eats again!

For what it's worth, olive pythons are not the type popping up in the Florida Everglades. Those are Burmese pythons, obviously an invasive species not native to the U.S.

But after seeing this, we're starting to feel sorry for the alligators that call the Everglades home!

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