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Here's a Recap of Bowtech's Most Recent Live Hunts

Check out the recap of our most recent live hunts, streamed online and full of action!

At Bowtech, we've got one goal: Do the absolutely best job we can of delivering hunters across the globe the things that they want. That includes hunting videos that take on a modern twist by being streamed live for audiences who want to get in on the action.

To help reflect on things, we've been putting together recap videos. Here's our latest:

It's pretty cool that we get to show viewers hunts using the brand new flagship bow, the REALM, and prove how awesome it is to hunt with. We launched the bow with over 300,000 live views and even took a whitetail down live on Instagram.

Here's another live hunt with Bowtech Ambassador Nate Zelinsky. Watch as he holds the new Realm at full draw for over two minutes on a successful mule deer spot and stalk. Check out the kill shot at 19:00! Be sure to text GoLIVE to 77453 to get our live hunt alerts!

You can always go to to learn more.


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Here's a Recap of Bowtech's Most Recent Live Hunts