Curious Octopus Investigates Furry Tide Pool Surprise

"What is this furry thing in the water?"

That's likely what this octopus was thinking when it reached out a long tentacle to investigate  a dog standing in a tide pool, if it thought in English and knew what fur was...

A video captured by a snorkeler in Porto Santo, Portugal shows an octopus feeling out the leg of a dog and it's incredible to see a species explore such another very foreign species.

The snorkeler points to the camouflaged octopus to help the viewer pick him out of the rocks. The octopus, first making sure the coast is clear, works up a little courage to move towards the legs standing nearby. Is that flowing algae?

The octopus is clearly curious, inching itself over the rock to get a tentacle wrapped around the dog's leg.

"I wonder if this is edible..." it's probably thinking.

Next, the camera pans up above the water to get a shot of the confused little dog. Surprisingly, the dog doesn't seem all too concerned that something is using suction cups to climb up its leg and tickle its belly.

The dog lifts its leg, maybe a little annoyed but not scared, and simply stays in the water. It must be hot on the island. The snorkeler finally uses the amusing video as a shameless plug to advertise that when you go snorkeling with him on his Porto Santo Free Snorkeling Tour, anything can happen!

Porto Santo is an island in the Madeira archipelago on the Atlantic coast of Portugal known for its incredible scuba diving and snorkeling. The rocky coastline creates the ideal environment for lots of animals to hide, like octopuses. The video was shared in September so the temperature was likely in the high to mid 90s which explains the pup keeping cool in the tide pool!

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