Here's How Vocal a Stubborn Husky Can Be

Huskies are pretty dogs, but their flawless fur coats aren't all they're known for.

Ask a couple Husky owners what their dog's most notable trait is, and don't be surprised when they all give you the same answer. Out of all dog breeds, Huskies are known for being one of the most stubborn. They like to live life on their own terms, and they use the breed's classic wailing howl to make sure their thoughts can't be ignored.

Seven-year-old Zeus is a perfect example of how stubborn and vocal Huskies can be. All his owner wants to do is go for a morning run, but Zeus isn't having it. While the family's other dog is leashed up and ready to go, Zeus plants himself on his bed and refuses to budge. He lets out a loud howl to make sure there's no question as to how he's feeling. His owner can try all she wants, but there's no way this stubborn Husky is moving until he's absolutely ready.

While the media loves to showcase Huskies for their striking good lucks, they often leave out facts about how the breed actually behaves. They can make great pets, but many Huskies are abandoned by families that didn't realize what they were getting into. Huskies are big and beautiful, but they're also strong-willed and independent. They need rigorous exercise on a daily basis, and vocal rants like the one Zeus artfully demonstrates are normal. While other dog breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labs love to please their owners, most Huskies are more likely to do what they want and not what they're told.

With proper training, exercise, and a lot of patience, Huskies blend with families and can be goofy, loving, and well-behaved. The hitch is, inexperienced dog owners are attracted by their looks and the novelty of owning an Instagram-worthy pet. Huskies aren't easy dogs to own, and it's important to do your homework before bringing one into the family. If you're not up for raising a stubborn Husky of your own, re-watch this video of Zeus for the perfect amount of Husky entertainment.

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