Here’s What Makes the Px4 Storm the Best Beretta

The Beretta Px4 Storm hasn't taken the 9mm handgun world by "storm" since it was introduced about a decade ago.

Maybe it was the firing issues early on. Maybe it was the fact the military and law enforcement officials didn't adopt the gun.

Whatever the reason, it's finally time to take another look at the Px4 Storm and realize that this semi-automatic handgun is, hands down, the best Beretta on the market.

Need convincing? Let's start out with size. OK, maybe you prefer a larger, full-size pistol, but barrel length doesn't always equal quality.

The Px4 Storm is lighter than the Colt 1911 .45 or the Beretta 92 9mm, making use of a polymer frame. It's also more compact, making it perfect for concealed carry situations.

Need more convincing? Check out this review of the Px4 Storm.

There are even compact and subcompact models to make carrying even more convenient. And you can get magazines in 14-, 17-, and 20-round capacities.

When the semi-auto Px4 loads those rounds, it doesn't use a tilt-barrel design like most pistols on the market today. It uses a rotating-barrel locking system.

The cam operation uses lugs on the barrel and a peg on the locking block that fits into a channeled groove fitted on the barrel.


The rotating barrel makes it a very accurate pistol. How accurate? Using three-dot metal sights, at 15 yards, groupings are reportedly around 2-3.5 inches, depending on the ammo. All shots struck the center mass of the target in one-second intervals.

That brings us to the recoil system. The pistol has a lower bore-axis and channels recoil energy into the rotation of the barrel. Decreases muzzle flip, and the perceived recoil is a lot less.

This allows for faster and more accurate follow-up shots. Some shooters have even said firing this pistol is "pleasant."


Besides being pleasant in the recoil department, the Px4 Storm is also pleasant no matter which hand you use.

The ambidextrous manual safety lever/decocker is positioned on both sides of the slide. In addition, the magazine release can be switched for left-handed users.

It also features a Picatinny rail for those who want to incorporate accessories.

These reasons add up to a reliable, uniquely designed gun that may have received a bad rap in the start of its life. But now, hopefully more shooters are able to see the light.