Here's the Easiest Way to Watch All Your Favorite Outdoor TV Shows

Watching and controlling your favorite recorded outdoor TV shows just became as simple as talking to your hunting buddy.

You probably watch a good amount of outdoor television, mainly because there's so much good stuff out there to check out. A good cable network is going to carry all the big outdoor channels, and you're likely going to encounter the same thing we do week in and week out: The need for some serious DVR recording.

You know, so we can binge watch when we've got the time.

It's worth pointing out that the sometimes tedious playback process has gotten a whole lot easier now that DISH Network has integrated their DVR boxes with Alexa, Amazon's at-home automation system that runs on Wi-Fi-connected devices and responds to your voice for hands free control.

The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, plus the Amazon Tap, are among the devices that help operate and control Alexa, your friendly tech assistant and know-it-all wizard when it comes to outdoor TV. Trust us, she's smart enough to easily find what you need, and you'll never have to scroll through a huge list or type on a keyboard through your TV's search function. It's all voice-activated, and you'll quickly figure out how awesome that is.

So think about this: You're walking back into your house from an overnight trip, and you want to key up your DVR box to watch a few shows shows you missed while you were out. All you have to do with an Alexa-connected DVR is say, "Alexa, play Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and MeatEater."

Then you can count on your Hopper, which is DISH's name for their DVR, to queue up those shows and have them ready to view. All that, before you even sit down on your couch.

All in all, when you use Alexa and DISH, you can...

  • Change the channel
  • Search your Hopper by show/movie title, actor, or genre
  • Control your DVR
  • Pause, stop, fast-forward, rewind, and skip

There are more features coming soon, and it will literally change the way you watch TV on the most basic levels. You honestly may never need your remote again.

What else could you do with Alexa and DISH? By saying "Alexa, search for deer," you'll automatically be given results with deer in the title and description, giving you quick access to any and all shows to record, watch, and enjoy.

This is the kind of smart technology that isn't invasive, it just makes sense. Alexa and DISH will together convince you that it's the wise way to go. While you're controlling the rest of your house, why not add in your penchant for watching cool outdoor TV?

Of course, there are some relatively easy parameters to follow for the whole process to work. This requires an internet-connected Hopper (or Wally, another DISH device) and Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap.

Also, Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

For more information, check out DISH Network's website here.