Here's How To Build A Thermosiphon For Unlimited Hot Water Without Electricity

Here's How to Build a Thermosiphon for Unlimited Hot Water Without Electricity

Are you looking for a way to generate lots of hot water off the grid? Check out this video on how to build a thermosiphon without spending a ton of money. 

This guy built his thermosiphon by taking an old water heater that someone was throwing out and connecting it with copper tubing to a StoveTec Rocket stove with a heating coil in the chimney.

Once he lit the fire, the thermosiphon sucked cold water out of the bottom of the water heater and then deposited hot (over 180°F) water into the top of the old 40 gallon hot water heater. 

This is a great way to make lots of hot water without any electricity, making it ideal for an off the grid survival retreat or an isolated hunting camp.

Watch the video to see how his thermosiphon worked:

Pretty cool right?

The thermosiphon doesn't make hot water very quickly, but it can generate a basically unlimited amount if you've got enough time and you only need wood as a fuel once you get it built.

Maybe I need one of these for my hunting cabin.

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