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Ultimate Survival Rifle: M6 Scout [VIDEO]

Ultimate Survival Rifle M6 Scout Survival

Based on a rifle developed by the Air Force, the M6 Scout survival rifle is a perfect choice if you need a light, compact rifle in a survival situation.

Produced by Springfield Armory, the M6 Scout survival rifle is a modified version of the M6 Aircrew survival weapon developed by the Air Force in the 1950s.

The M6 Scout survival has two barrels: a .22 long rifle barrel and a .410 bore. It is also designed to store .410 shotgun shells and .22 long rifle cartridges in the stock.

Along with the rifle's simple, compact, and strong construction, these factors make the M6 Scout a great choice for a survival rifle.

Check out the video to learn more about the awesome features of the M6 Scout that make it the ultimate survival rifle.

While it is not designed to be first choice for a self-defense gun or hunting rifle, the M6 Scout is small and compact enough to be easily carried in addition to a more powerful firearm, or in places where carrying a full-sized firearm isn't practical.

Available at less than $500 retail, you should really considering the M6 Scout survival rifle to your gun collection.

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Ultimate Survival Rifle: M6 Scout [VIDEO]