Deer Meat
YouTube: The Bearded Butchers

Here's How Much Meat You Should Expect From a Whitetail Deer

So you got your first deer, but how much meat can you expect to take home?

The act of harvesting a deer is rewarding in itself, ultimately it's the freezer full of protein that drives us all to hunt.

Venison is one of the most popular wild game meats on the planet, but very seldom can you run to the store to pick some up. If you want that deer jerky to snack on for NFL Sunday, you're going to have to go out and get it yourself.

Deer hunting is no simple task, either. It takes money, hard work, patience and most of all, time. The hunt is hard enough, but the skinning, field dressing, boning and butchering are arguably even harder.

However, the collection of effort you put in only makes the food that comes out taste that much better.

In this clip from The Bearded Butchers, we get to see just how much meat comes from a deer. Seth Perkins has just gotten the meat from his doe back from the processor, and was willing to show us just how much is in there.

There are two packed-full boxes deer meat, which contain a wide variety of different cuts.

Watch the video below:

How close was your guess? I personally thought that looked like more that 77 pounds, actually. It's crazy to see every piece of meat from a deer laid out like that, though, as it just goes to show how much one animal can do for the freezer.

Perkins will probably be snacking on this for the next year, and likely saving loads at the grocery store, as no cut of beef can compare to the taste of venison.

How many of these cuts of meat have you tried besides backstraps, tenderloins, sausage and jerky? I don't typically mix my processing up quite this much, but I think I'm going to from now on!

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