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Here's a Slick Trailer Hitch You'll Want to Own

Rhino Hitch

The Rhino Hitch is the cream of the crop when it comes to pulling trailers.

"The Rhino Hitch is the most versatile, custom adjustable hitch on the market today." Bold statement direct from the manufacturer, but after checking out their product - and watching a few videos - it's a claim that certainly rings true. Theses hitches both look and perform like a top-of-the-line Cadillac: sleek, sexy, and functional as all heck.

Rhino Hitch

Rated to pull upwards of 14,000 pounds (depending on model), and with 9 inches of vertical height adjustment, the Rhino Hitch is available in steel powder coated black finish or aluminum polished or brushed finishes. Finally, there's no need for multiple hitches for your various trailers. One Rhino Hitch will effortlessly get the job done.

Check out the video:

Who's ready to order? The Rhino Hitch certain got our attention the moment we saw it. And one is definitely on the bucket list to buy.

Prices range from $349 to $449.

To find out more about the Rhino Hitch, check out the website HERE. You can also follow their Facebook page HERE.

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Here's a Slick Trailer Hitch You'll Want to Own