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Stay Warm on a Cold Night With an Electric Heated Sleeping Bag

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Add a heated sleeping bag to your camping gear list for a warm night under the stars.

Cold nights are fun when you're in front of the campfire, but once you're ready to rest up for another day of camping, the cooler temperatures can be awful. The second you step into your tent, that toasty feeling from the campfire just dissipates, leaving your feet and head cold.

You start to take the warm weather from the afternoon for granted once you're freezing in a sleeping bag. Not even the warmest socks and beanies can keep your body heat from escaping.

Cold weather can be very enjoyable when outdoors, but not when you're trying to sleep. Luckily, there's a new camping gadget to keep you warm through the night.

FIRSERMO Electric Heated Sleeping Bag

FIRSERMO's heated sleeping bag has great reviews on Amazon. Customers say it's warm enough without even turning it on! Campers, next time you're getting ready for a backpacking trip, be sure to put some thought into your sleeping situation.

Of course, when you're camping, you're not expecting to feel like you're sleeping on a brand new Tempur-Pedic, but I do believe camping should be a relaxing hobby. If your current sleeping bag isn't cutting it for you, an electric heated sleeping bag or sleeping pad should be on your wishlist.

Thanks to the safety feature, the temperature sensor inside the heating element will automatically turn off once it reaches 140 degrees to prevent the bag from overheating. There are three heat settings, so find the level that keeps you toasty. This electric heated sleeping bag is machine washable and waterproof.

You will need to buy a power bank for it. Your typical smartphone power bank will work. If you'd like to do without a heated sleeping bag, maybe a wearable sleeping bag will keep you warm through the night.

Also Consider:

Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

You can also use a heated sleeping bag liner. This liner is under $45, making it the perfect gift for the outdoorsman. The 5-piece heating pad system is compatible with any 5V/2A USB power supply from a cellphone charger, smartphone power bank, car jump starter, car charger, and more.

The two-pound liner comes with a carry bag. It even has a waterproof shell! If you're camping in the winter, water-resistant and waterproof items are a must. It only has 83 ratings, but they're great reviews. A customer wrote, "I was surprised of the thickness which gives some extra padding. I really liked this especially for overlanding in my vehicle so any extra padding is great."

No, it probably won't get as hot as your heated blanket back home, but this will help you get a good night's sleep in the backcountry.

Ubon Extreme 10 Degree F 650 Fill Power Down Sleeping Bag

Stay warm on your next camping trip with this high-quality 10-degree sleeping bag. The comfort temperature range is 23°F to 50°F. It has a 650 fill-power rating and uses white duck down to give you the warmth you need at night. It is water-resistant and is easy to store in the stuff sack.

A customer gave it a perfect rating and wrote, "Product is as described, we tried this out in freezing temperatures - 20 degrees with a light breeze. Kept us very warm. no additional insulation needed (other than sleeping mat). I highly recommend as this seems like a very useful alternative to the more expensive down filled sleeping bags."

For 0-degree mummy sleeping bags and cold weather outdoor gear, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on October 21, 2019.