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The 8 Best Heated Camping Chairs for Year-Round Outdoor Comfort

Sit around the campfire with a heated camping chair this winter.

Biting cold, freezing rain, bone-chilling wind—all things that make spending time outside during the winter months absolutely miserable. While piling on base layers, winter coats, and snow pants can help, it will only get you so far. Packing a set of rechargeable hand warmers is another option for chilly extremities, but a heated camping chair can make a difference in keeping your whole body warm while the temperatures drop.

These brilliant inventions heat your body via portable batteries, some getting up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only does a heated camping chair come in handy for camping, fishing, or hunting, but you can use them at sports and music events. If you're someone who has to constantly be moving around in the cold to stay warm, now is your chance to sit and get comfortable.

Our picks for the best heated camping chairs range from your standard foldable chairs to ultraportable cushions and even a love seat to will keep you warm and toasty, no matter what the thermometer says.

Best Heated Camping Chairs of 2023

Best Heated Camping Chair Overall

Orange Gobi Heated Camping Chair

Gobi Heat

Top Pick: Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair ($180)

Gobi Heat's heated jackets are top-notch, and so are the brand's heated camping chairs. The Terrain chair heats your bottom and lower back. and has three heat settings—low, medium, and high. You'll get to use the low setting for nine hours, six hours on medium, and four and a half hours on high. It's operated by a battery that doubles as a phone charging port, so you can relax and charge your phone, too (though it will reduce the heat production time some).

According to customers, it's one of their best outdoor investments yet. One shopper who gave it a 5-star rating wrote: "This chair is literally a game changer for me. I'm a baseball mom in Canada, which means chilly spring and fall games. I can now watch all the boys' games without having to bring a wagon full of gear to stay warm!"

Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair - from $166

Best Heated Camping Chair for All Ages

heated camping chair


Top Pick: Docusvect Heated Camping Chair ($100) 

You can use this foldable camp chair just about anywhere. The heavy-duty chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, so kids, teens, and adults will be able to enjoy the benefits of using a heated seat. It's powered by a USB battery pack (sold separately) and has three different heat settings to warm your seat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the portable camping chair anywhere with the included carrying bag.

The lawn chair was designed with comfort in mind. While the high-density foam padding cushions the back and armrests to prevent fatigue, you can make use of the reclining positions to really lounge about. If you're tall, you're going to love this outdoor camping chair. Plus, you won't have to carry around blankets—just layer up and enjoy the heated chair. With cup holders and storage pockets, you'll find this chair hard to get out of! But be sure to buy a portable battery pack: This doesn't come with its own.

Docusvect Heated Camping Chair - $100

Best Heated Seat Cushion

OneSource™ Heated Chair Pad & Rechargeable Battery


Top Pick: Coleman OneSource Heated Chair Pad & Rechargeable Battery ($90)

Coleman is one of our favorites when it comes to outdoor gear. The brand makes a number of heated chairs, but for portability, you can't go wrong with this chair pad to warm up chilly bleacher seats. It definitely comes in handy for sporting events, and even in the car on the way there!

The heated chair pad has four heat settings and can last an hour and a half on high, two hours on medium, and three hours on low. It's safe to use during a drizzle, too: The seat is protected against rain thanks to its nontoxic PU coating.

Overall, it's a great way to stay warm for under $100. Just be sure to charge the battery before you go!

Coleman OneSource Heated Chair Pad & Rechargeable Battery - from $50

Best Heated Camping Chair for Couples/Families

KUMA Bear Buddy Heated Chair

Kuma Outdoor Gear

Top Pick: Kuma Outdoor Gear Bear Buddy Heated Chair ($350)

This double-capacity camping chair from Kuma Outdoor Gear has a loveseat design and a weight capacity of 500 pounds to accommodate more than one person in warm and toasty comfort. There are three heat settings: low will run for six hours, medium for four, and high for two hours.

The back is padded to keep you extra cozy, and each arm has a stem glass holder for a romantic winter evening at the campsite.

Kuma Outdoor Gear Bear Buddy Heated Chair - from $282

Best Heated Rocking Chair

heated camping chair


Top Pick: Sunnyfeel Oversized Heated Camping Rocking Chair ($100)

A rocking chair that's heated? Sounds like a great place for a cozy nap! The folding chair slips into a shoulder bag, making it easy to take along camping, to the beach, or even to an outdoor sports game.

Keep your hands warm in the side pockets as your back melts into the up-to-110-degree, battery-powered heating elements. The alloy steel frame is lightweight and durable, holding up to 500 pounds. Choose from seven different colors, including blue, orange, and grey.

The only downside to this heated rocker is that it doesn't come with a power bank battery— you'll have to buy one separately and connect it to the USB cord.

SunnyFeel Oversized Heated Rocking Camping Chair - from $100

Best Heated Hammock Camping Chair

heated camping chair

Nice C

Top Pick: Nice C Heated Hammock Camping Swing Chair ($130)

Another killer addition to your winter camping gear is this heated hammock chair. The cozy seat hangs from a freestanding frame, making it a portable hammock that can join you on all of your outdoor activities, no matter the outside temperature.

The chair has a high back to keep you supported and relaxed, plus three heat levels to choose from. The included power bank heats the two heating pads, plus it can be used for charging up your phone. The side pocket holds snacks, your phone, or whatever else you may need to stash, while the handy cup holder keeps your drink accessible.

Nice C Heated Hammock Camping Swing Chair - $130

Best Heated Stadium Seat

heated camping chair


Top Pick: Aceletiqs Heated Stadium Seat ($96)

Skip the cold, hard bleachers at your next sporting event with a heated, foldable stadium seat. The cushioned reclining seat has three heat levels up to 115 degrees and two heat zones, one on the back and one on the bottom. The included battery warms the chair and/or charges your devices and can be easily stowed in one of the four pockets. The battery life lasts for up to five hours, giving you enough time to enjoy tailgating and a game or use it to sit and watch the sunrise after an early morning hike.

The memory foam seat will keep you comfortable while the water-resistant fabric increases its longevity. Recline in one of the six positions while your coffee sits in your cupholder.

To note: It lays flat for carrying instead of folding, so expect it to take up a little more room in the car than others.

Aceletiqs Heated Stadium Seat - $96

Best Portable Heated Seat

heated camping chair


Top Pick: Chaheati Maxx Heated Add-On Seat ($100)

If you don't need another chair in your life but want to add heat to your favorite camping chair, the Chaheati Maxx Heated Seat is a portable solution. It slips over a standard camping chair and secures with a hook-and-loop fastener.

At just two pounds, it's light enough that you won't mind toting the extra gear to reap its benefits. Choose from one of three temperature settings to keep your back nice and cozy.

Chaheati Maxx Heated Add-On Chair - $100

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