Heartbreaking Miss
YouTube: The Hunting Public

Bowhunter Has Heartbreaking Miss on a Giant Buck Working a Rub

In this day of modern hunting, it seems like every hunting show and YouTube channel is anxious to only show the successful harvests of big deer. Everyone is out there trying to get a perfect kill shot on camera and it seems like many of them are afraid to show failure these days. That's why the videos from the channel The Hunting Public have been so refreshing. These guys haven't been afraid to show things raw and real, the way they actually played out in the field. And that includes both the good and the bad. In today's video, Ted Miller is hunting for a real giant. This buck has tons of kickers and stickers, a real trophy in anyone's book.

Ted has a perfect setup with one of his horizontal rubs and the big buck simply cannot resist walking up and checking the rub out. While his mind is preoccupied with marking his scent all over the branch, that gives Ted time to draw back on this big buck. What happens next is nothing less than heartbreaking for any hunter.

We've seen Ted kill some true stud bucks many times in the past on The Hunting Public's YouTube channel, to the point to where the guy was starting to look infallible. The greater lesson here is that even some of the best whitetail hunters in the world can miss. It's going to happen to all of us at some point or another. You can either pretend it never happened or accept it and move on to try again as Ted does in this video.

We really respect the fact The Hunting Public doesn't shy away from showing the screw-ups; it's a part of hunting. Trust us, any hunter who says they never mess up or miss a shot is most certainly lying. In this case, this miss was a best-case scenario. That arrow missed the buck cleanly, and the deer seemed to never really know what happened. We wouldn't be surprised to see Ted get another shot at this awesome animal before the season is over. For now, this is one interaction where nature won.

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