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Headshot Stops Charging Coyote Dead in Its Tracks

YouTube: CCS Outdoor

If your ever wondering what the quickest way to stop a charging coyote is, a headshot will do just fine.

Predator hunters know that theres only one shot can stop a charging coyote. It's rare that these sly dogs present an easy broadside shot, so you need to be on your best game when taking a headshot.

You have to see this hunter drop this charging coyote with a perfectly placed headshot.

Watch the video below:

Outstanding shot!

If you're serious about taking down some coyotes this season and want to preserve the hide, then a flat-shooting small caliber rifle will be your go to weapon of choice. An exceptional choice is a .22-250 and a personal favorite of mine if the Savage Axis.

It comes out of the box with a detachable magazine, super smooth action and has an extremely durable finish that won't get ruined when laying prone looking for some predators. When combined with quality optic and bipod, the Axis can be transformed to an accurate coyote crusher.

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Headshot Stops Charging Coyote Dead in Its Tracks