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Turn Your Yeti Cooler Into a Rolling Ice Machine

yeti cooler
Rambler Wheels for YETI & RTIC Coolers

You won’t miss carrying a loaded Yeti cooler around ever again, trust me.

First, let me start by saying that I’m a proud owner of Yeti cooler and can’t say enough good things about them. They’re design is solid, they’re durability is incredible and they honestly hold ice for a week. However, I’ll also say that they’re really heavy to lug around all day when filled with ice and your choice of cold contents.

Check out how the Rambler X2 can turn your heavy Yeti into a rolling cooler!

How awesome and practical is that? Wish I found that sooner!

To convert your Yeti cooler to a quick rollin’ ice machine, check out this site for all of the items that you’ll need for this easy afternoon project.

yeti cooler
Rambler Wheels

For everything Yeti, check out their website for the latest and greatest products. As one proud Yeti owner, I can tell you that I never leave home without my cooler, no matter what hunting or fishing season it is. Incredible durability and made right here in the USA, what’s not to love?


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Turn Your Yeti Cooler Into a Rolling Ice Machine