He Needed a Walmart to House His Car Collection

One wealthy man's collection of personal vehicles is just too much for an average Joe's garage to store.

In this clip, a Local News 6 news report profiles Rick Treworgy, the owner of Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Watch him display his 200-vehicle collection in an abandoned Walmart warehouse purchased just to store the vehicles.

"These cars are gone now, and it was an era that people don't want to give up too easy," said Treworgy. "It lets you live it; it lets the young kids come in and see what the cars were in our youth instead of all the foreign, small cars that they are riding today. It was a whole different type of car that we played with back then."

Over 40 years, Rick Treworgy has amassed 200 vintage vehicles of all types, with model years dating back to the 50s. Now, Muscle Car City is one of the largest private muscle car collections in the country. All cars are pristinely maintained and drivable, not solely showpieces.

The website says the facility is currently closed, and in the process of moving. But for at least a little while, if you wanted to see this incredible collection, you'd have headed to Walmart.