HB-1900 Defeated in Virginia House, Doesn't Crack Down on Hunting Dogs

Hunting dog owners are excited to here that HB-1900 was struck down in the Virginia House of Delegates.

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, several hunters and dog owners gathered together in Richmond to show their displeasure with Speaker William J. Howell's bill, HB-1900, to fine dog owners whose dogs cross over onto unauthorized land..

The bill was defeated in a 48-47 vote on Monday, February 6. The bill was originally pitched as a property rights bill that would allow landowners to seek fines of $100 if hunting dogs crossed property boundaries chasing game animals such as deer.


Hunters and members from the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance showed out to demonstrate their displeasure of a bill that would ultimately infringe on their hunting heritage that is deeply rooted in the state of Virginia as well as other states.

What seemed to be a bill that would surely make it through the House of Delegates was split between parties. Forty-one Republicans and seven Democrats opposed the bill while 21 Republicans and 26 supported the legislation. Four Republicans did not vote and one seat is open.

An immediate revote was speculated with a few Republicans possibly flipping, but the vote never occurred.

The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance showed its excitement of the victorious vote on its Facebook page understanding, however, that the war is far from over.

"Victory is ours in this battle, but the war has just begun in earnest," the group said.

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