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This Guy Was So Close to a Bear That It Touched His Arrow Before He Shot

Have You Ever Been So Close To A Bear That You Touched the bear with Your Arrow

Bowhunters need to get close to their quarry to make an ethical shot. However, Clay Newcomb got so close he actually touched the bear with his arrow!

Black bears can be pretty curious animals. This big color phase bear gave Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb a little more than he bargained for on his Saskatchewan hunt when it came in to check him out. It got so close that Newcomb literally touched the bear with his arrow before shooting it.

Check out this intense video of the hunt to see how it all went down.

Pretty wild, right? It certainly wasn't Clay's first time hunting his first bear, otherwise he may not have handled that so well.

I don't know if that bear was trying to climb into the blind with him or what, but that had to be a pretty nerve-racking experience. Way to keep your cool, Clay!

Touching a big game animal with your broadhead before shooting it at 3 yards is an experience he likely won't forget anytime soon!

You've got to get close if you're hunting game with a bow and arrow!

Touching a bear with an arrow looks like the bear hunter version of counting coup. Anybody else gotten this close to an animal head on while bowhunting before?

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This Guy Was So Close to a Bear That It Touched His Arrow Before He Shot