Have a Slingshot Handy? Use it to Help Start a Hand Drill Fire

Hand drill fires are hard to master, but you can make it a little easier with a slingshot!

Anyone who is into primitive survival skills knows using a hand drill to start a fire is tough to learn. Getting enough downward pressure in the socket while simultaneously spinning a stick between you hands is a tricky business. However, with the help of a slingshot, this can be done a lot more easily.

Watch below to see how you can pull off a slingshot-powered hand drill fire.

Here's the video: 

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This is an awesome little trick to remember. Having that slingshot to apply even pressure downwards leaves you to freely concentrate on getting a consistent rhythm on the drill with your hands.

The video also shows just how much of a multi-tool a slingshot can be with some out of the box thinking. Makes you wonder what other tasks it can help with.

If you watch with the History Channel show "Alone", then the man in the video just might look familiar. His name is Mike Lowe, and was a contestant on the shows second season. He built an amazing camp that really showed what can be done with items scavenged from the bush.

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