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8 Must Have Preps to Get You Through Severe Winter Weather

Don’t be caught off guard by winter weather. Keep these simple preps on hand to ride out inclement weather in comfort.

It never fails that most people wait until the last minute or during bad winter weather to get supplies. All it takes is simple planning and keeping a few emergency preps on hand to avoid this.

Winter is probably the worst time to try to rush out to get supplies during an event. Temperatures are often too dangerous to be out in long, road conditions are questionable at best, and snow drifts can leave you stuck in your home.

Why people wait every year when they know winter is coming is an enigma. Don’t be one of these people; get prepared ahead of time and avoid all the chaos.

Check out these eight simple preps to ride out almost any winter storm.

1. Generator


Generators are great for when the power goes out. You can use them to power up a few lamps, keep your electronics charged, run small appliances, or even turn a movie on to pass the time.

When choosing one try to go with at least a 4,000-watt model for your home. A generator this size will be able to easily handle multiple small loads, as well as a few larger ones if you need it.

Models like this Champion generator can run 12 hours at a time on 50% load with 4 gallons of fuel.

2. Convection Kerosene Heater


Some source of supplemental heating is essential for winter storms, especially if the power goes out. You can run an electric heater on your generator, but I recommend an kerosene heater.

Any kerosene heater can’t be used indoors. You need to pick up a convection style as these don’t put out the harmful fumes regular heaters do.

I recommend the Dyna-Glo 23,000 BTU Convection Kerosene Heater. It is capable of heating up to 1,000 sq. ft. and can run up to 8 hours straight on almost 2 gallons of kerosene.

Plopping your whole family into one room and with this heater should keep everyone comfortably warm.

3. Propane Stove


If you have a gas stove this isn’t really necessary, but most people today have electric. These simple stoves are perfect for making quick, simple meals or preparing warm drinks for everyone.

A cheap Coleman Classic Propane stove is all you really need. It has double burners and one 16-oz cylinder will last one hour if you are using both burners on high.

Be sure to stock up on extra propane tanks, and to use it in a large room that you can ventilate easily if necessary.

4. Extra Fuel

This prep is something that is overlooked very often. Generators, kerosene heaters, and propane stoves are only good if you have fuel around to run them.

My rule of thumb is to keep enough fuel to run anything I need for at least 72 hours. This can be expensive if purchased all at once, so I recommend slowly building it up over time to be stored for later use.

5. Weather Radio


A good radio is a must have for any event. You can keep track of storms, listen for additional warnings, and more.

Look into weather radios that have multiple charge options, like crank, battery, and solar. Dynamo’s Solar Hand Crank AM/FM NOAA Emergency Radio is perfect for this.

As the name says it is capable of being powered through solar, hand crank, or through charging via a DC plug in. This will allow you to listen in even if one of the other three fail to power the radio.

6. Extra Blankets/ Warm Clothes


You need to keep around at least one extra blanket and set of warm clothes per person in your household.

Wool blankets are highly recommended as they are excellent insulators. Surplus wool military blankets can be picked up fairly cheap and will last a long time.

As for clothing I would find thick sweaters, gloves, toboggans, sweat pants, and other warm clothes. While you should have these already in your home, it never hurts to set aside some just for emergency use so they are quick to locate.

7. Sleeping Bags

While sleeping mats made of blankets are fine, sleeping bags are so much warmer and more comfortable.

Cool weather sleeping bags will work fine if you have a heater running, but on the off chance it fails I would go for something hardier. These Colemon North Rim Extreme Sleeping Bags are comfortable and rated down to 15 degrees.

This will make sure everyone stays warm through the long winter nights.

8. Extra Food/Water


You should always have extra food and water on hand at all times. You want foods that have long shelf lives and can be made easily.

Beans, rices, pasta, and things of that nature store well and are relatively cheap to buy in bulk. Mountain House offers an entire line of freeze dried meals that only require a little boiling water to make.

Water is the most important thing you should have on hand as it is the giver of life. There is no guarantee that a pipe won’t freeze up or burst during extremely cold weather.

You should keep one gallon of water per person per day on hand. This is enough for one person to drink, make food, and for sanitation purposes each day.

With these 8 preps on hand you will have the upper hand no matter what winter throws at you. The best part is most of these can be used year round during all four seasons. Think of them as investments into the well being and safety of your family.

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8 Must Have Preps to Get You Through Severe Winter Weather