Hats for Cats: 5 Adorable Accessories for Your Kitty

Try as you might, you'll probably never find anything cuter than hats on a cat. Cats, like small dogs, just have a way of looking adorable in pet hats.

If you're shopping for a pet costume for Halloween, or just want little kitty to be cozy in a beanie, you'll adore the following funny hats for your pet cat on Amazon. Bring on the rabbit ears, pom poms, and party hats. Soon, your cute cat or small pet will be the best dressed at any Halloween or birthday party.

Pet Hats Are a Must-Have Accessory for Cat Lovers

For Year-Round Use

1. KRISMYA Pet Costume Hat/Cosplay Cap,Cat Dog Hats Handmade Knitted Woolen Yarn Cute Cartoon Frog Hat for Pet Kitten Puppy Birthday Christmas and Halloween

A frog crochet cat cap is the perfect funny cat pet costume. Cat lovers will appreciate the ease of putting this beanie-inspired hat on their kitten. Bonus: the crochet design will keep your small pet warm during colder months.

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For Halloween (and adorable pictures)

2. OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for Cat

Inside every cute cat is a great big lion. All cat lovers know this. One of the most beloved pet hats on Amazon, this faux fur mane will take your cat's meow to a roar. Small dogs and other small pets can also wear this funny hat. Be sure to keep your camera close by to snap some adorable pics.

For Christmas

3. Schnappy Soft Handmade Crochet Knitted Cat Bonnet Hat, Pet Santa Pom-Pom Cap for Small Cats Dogs

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Santa. Deck your kitty up with this pom pom crochet Santa hat from Amazon and she'll be festive all season long. We bet this cat costume is already on your cute cat's wishlist.

For Easter

4. Fiyoom Cute Cat Bunny Ears Headband Pet Plush Hat for Cats & Small Dogs Party Costume Halloween Party Puppy Accessory Headwear

A rabbit hat for your cat? But of course. Somebunny is going to look quite adorable in it. Whether it's for Easter or a Halloween costume, hop on over to Amazon to check out other hats for cats like this cute cat party hat. Although we think this headband-style hat is ideal for covering up cat ears, you can certainly try it out on your small dog.

For Halloween

5. Halloween Cat Costume Bat Wings Witch Cloak Wizard Hat 3 PCS Pet Costumes for Small Cats Kittens Cosplay Halloween Party Decoration Bat Costume Cat Dress Up Accessories

A wizard hat for cats is a must-have for a black cat. If you're dressing up your cat, Halloween is the exact time to show off their magic. For more value, this costume for cats includes a cape that ties in a bowtie fashion, and a pair of black wings. Your cute cat can cosplay right into the night.

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