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The Tree Hugger 360 Looks Legit

Are you tired of hanging your stand on the wrong side of the tree?

Well, The Tree Hugger 360 promises that those days are over. This just might change treestands forever.

Darrin Griesemer has quite an interesting invention that may just change how treestands are made into the future.

The Tree Hugger 360 is a treestand that comes in two pieces and is attached around the tree. It allows two hunters to rotate around the stand in complete silence. With removable chairs that move on a rail and gun and bow attachments, this deer stand is ready for action.

If that big buck was behind your treestand last season and you had no chance at a shot, things are about to change. The Tree Hugger 360 just might be the right treestand for you.


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The Tree Hugger 360 Looks Legit