Hannah Barron
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Hannah Barron Noodles Up 40-Pound Flathead and 60-Pound Blue Catfish in the Same Day

Hannah and friends have one of their best noodling days ever.

The warm summer months are finally here, and it is prime time to head out fishing. The most intense and primitive form of fishing one can participate in is the sport of noodling. And there are few noodlers out there who can match Hannah Barron.

It is a sure sign of the summer once Hannah, her friends, and family start hitting the rivers to wrestle big catfish out of sunken stumps and hollow logs by hand. As we have already shared this year, their season is off to a tremendous start.

However, one of their latest expeditions ended up being one of their best fishing trips ever. They end up landing both flatheads and blues, many of them tipping the scales at well over 40 pounds. If you have never seen Hannah wrestle giant catfish that are roughly half her size, this is a good one to start with.

Normally, just one of these big cats would be enough to make for a great day in the water. The fact that they kept catching cats of this size just made it even more memorable. According to the video's description, Hannah says that 60-pounder near the end is her third largest ever caught. It is just slightly smaller than a 61-pounder she tangled with in freezing water conditions last year.

The biggest thing that surprised us today was that the 40-pound flathead seemed to put up more of a fight than that 60-pound blue.

Obviously, noodling is not for everyone. It can be a little intimidating to dive into a murky river and start sticking your hands into stumps and under rocks where snapping turtles and other creepy crawlies may be hiding. Hannah always seems to make this look easy though. The Barron family is good at what they do, especially considering it was the second time this year that large blue had been caught. Noodling season continues for a while still, we will be interested to see what else Hannah and her family wrestle out of the river's before the season is out.

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