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A Hands-On Look at the Deeper Smart Sonar

This fish finder might have just changed the whole game.

It pains me to say, but it seems like I don't go any where without my phone. So why not make use of this piece of plastic while I'm out on the lake? Deeper did just that with their new line of sonar products.

First is the setup, or the lack there of. The sonar device itself is always on and projecting a WiFi network. After installing the Deeper app, you connect your phone to this network, and then you're presented with all the data you need for your angling needs.

Features on the Deeper sonar, aside from being small, light and a breeze to set up, are also worth looking into. You can log every catch location or spot of interest to come back to later. Personally, I used it to mark the location of several old bluegill beds I plan to check back on later this summer. There are also multiple modes to view the sonar, including a flasher for ice fishing.

Did I mention you can cast it out to further explore your area? You might think you don't need that feature, but you'll end up wondering how you ever fished without it.

Here comes the good part: my hands-on experience with the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro +. I fish a lot of different lakes and bodies of water, including Lake Michigan, as well as smaller inland lakes and rivers. The Deeper worked well on all of them, exposing both depth and contours my other devices didn't.

With the multiple bodies of water comes several boats, and with the additional flexible arm, it was easy to mount it to any boat or kayak I'd take out. If you don't want to pay for the arm, fishing line will work just fine, too.

There were a couple things that really stuck out to me. First, I loved being able to simply cast it out. That made it easy to use it anywhere. Second, I loved being able to switch this into a narrow beam and really probe into cover.

Even if you don't have a small boat, Deeper is worth looking into. I have an 18-foot Sea Nymph with two other fish finders on it and I still use my Deeper.


A Hands-On Look at the Deeper Smart Sonar