ice pike

This Guy's First-Time Ice Pike is a Doozy

Paul Castellano headed to Manitoba where he caught his first ice pike, and it was a monster.

There's something to be said for beginners' luck, and this video speaks to that as Paul hooks a nice ice pike on his first ice fishing adventure.

Watch this video and see him land his first ice pike like a professional.

Paul was using a hand line to bring that ice pike in, and he did a great job making sure the fish was happy and safe during the process. It put up a good fight, but Paul was still able to bring it in no problem.

Did you take note of the live hole? These guys took time to carve out a section of ice to keep the fish submerged while they took measurements and got it ready for a photo.

This video was fined at Moak Lodge which is located on Cross Bay of Cedar Lake, Manitoba. Here you can find ice pike, rainbows, and numerous other trophy fish. Get out there and hook a monster of your own.