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Does This Guy Really Think He Can Catch a Turkey With His Bare Hands?

When they see me in my camouflage, non-hunters often ask, "Did you catch a turkey?"

My answer is invariably, "No." Sometimes I killed one, but mostly the wary birds have beaten me again.

This guy is hoping to answer yes to the "Did you catch a turkey?" question.

Watch this video to see how he plans to do it.

I never would have believed it was possible to catch a turkey with your bare hands, but this guy's setup looks like it might actually work. His ghillie suit is providing some great camouflage and the jake decoy is taking the attention off of him.

Watch this video to see if it works.

Man, that was close!

He didn't catch a turkey, but this close encounter has me convinced that it is possible.

What do you think? Will you be leaving your shotgun at home this spring season? I think I'll keep toting mine. After all, killing a turkey is hard enough, catching one is WAY harder.