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5 Steps to Turn Your Shotgun into the Ultimate Turkey Gun

Are you looking for the ultimate turkey gun? You can probably make it yourself. 

You can kill turkeys with any shotgun, but by using these tips, you can transform your weapon into the ultimate turkey gun.

1. Choke up

choke tube wos

Most shotguns come equipped with a modified or full choke tube. The ultimate turkey gun sports a super tight turkey choke. After market chokes are available for every gauge and brand of shotgun, they are easy to install, and they will help you kill gobblers at longer ranges and flatten them at close range.

2. Add a sight

Now that your turkey gun is shooting tight gobbler slaying patterns, you’ll need a way to deliver those patterns precisely. Sight options include: double beads, rifle sights, and scopes.

No matter which system you choose, test it with your turkey gun to make sure that you can hit what you are aiming at.

3. Add a sling

When the birds aren’t gobbling or you’re roost hunt didn’t pan out, turkey hunting can involve a lot of walking. Make your springtime marches more comfortable by adding a sling to your turkey gun.

A sling also keeps you hands free to run calls or glass distant field birds while making a plan to kill them. If you’re gun isn’t equipped with swivel studs, Uncle Mike’s makes a stud and magazine cap to fit most shotguns.

4. Consider concealment

It’s no secret that turkeys have some of the sharpest eyes in the woods. Camouflage your turkey gun accordingly. If your gun has a glossy finish that will give your location away to wary gobblers, you have some options.

First, you can paint your shotgun using matte finish paint in earth-tone colors. Less permanent camouflaging measures include adding non-marring camo tape or a gun sleeve. However you decide to do it, making your turkey gun as invisible as possible with increase the number of tags you fill.

5. Load ‘er up

Hitting the turkey woods with the same shells you use to hunt squirrels is a big mistake. Invest in a couple boxes of magnum turkey loads and see which one patterns best in your turkey gun. Use size 4, 5, or 6 lead shot or 5, 6, or 7 shot in non-toxic heavier-than-lead loads to ensure clean kills.

That’s all there is to it. By following these five steps, you’ll have the ultimate turkey gun this spring. Creating opportunities to use it is up to you.

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5 Steps to Turn Your Shotgun into the Ultimate Turkey Gun