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Guy Lands a Tarpon From a Rainbow Unicorn Floaty

We'll bet that you've never seen a guy boat a tarpon from a rainbow unicorn floaty.

So you're sitting around and you ask yourself, "What should I do for myself this Father's Day?" You could have only thought of this in a dream: go tarpon fishing in a unicorn float with rainbow colors!

Why didn't we think of that?

The person who uploaded this video did it over a year ago, but once we got wind of it we knew we had to share, because this catch is as epic as they come!

Here's how one Florida fisherman finds a way to spend some quality time on the water, catch some rays, and one big 'ol tarpon.

Without checking the IGFA or alerting the mainstream media, we're thinking that this has got to be the largest tarpon from a rainbow unicorn floaty ever recorded, no?

And to think how relaxing it was before the hookup makes us consider the fact that the big silver king was just icing on the cake.

Depending on the conditions, fishing guides in the Clearwater area will stalk schools of tarpon along the beaches from Tampa Bay to Clearwater Beach and Caladesi Island State Park, starting in April and extending into May and June.

The best live baits for these huge fish are pilchards, pinfish, grunts, mutton minnows, and threadfin herring, just to suggest a few.

We never knew that it was the magic unicorn float that was the real secret!

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