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This Guy Basically Caught Moby Dick on a 3-Weight Fly Rod

Plenty of anglers say they've caught some big fish on a fly rod.

But the guy in this video truly lands a giant catfish for the lightweight gear he's using.

Bill Emshoff has posted five videos of himself on YouTube using a lightweight fly rod to catch different species. As the video begins, you may think he's exaggerating a bit when he says he's got Moby Dick.

But this catfish is a monster (or, as Bill puts it, a "wash tub"), especially for the gear he's using.

The fight is impressive. The rod bends relentlessly, and you can hear the reel whine. And Bill needs to maneuver himself over slick, lichen-covered rocks to land it. However, the catfish is more impressive. Go back and watch as Bill pulls it from the water. Did you see the gut on that thing? Bill's fingers almost disappear into it.

As Bill said, most like that fish was heading off to spawn. Obviously, Bill was using the right fly, because catfish don't usually feed when they're spawning.

He must have annoyed that fish just enough.