Guns in Concrete
YouTube: Edwin Sarkissan

Interesting Experiment Tries Shooting Handguns Encased in Hardened Concrete

Can bullets travel when the gun is encased in concrete?

We are sure that's not a question most of you have asked. Or even thought about. After all, who's going to leave a perfectly good handgun sitting in a buck of wet concrete while it dries? Well, we should have known better. Because today's YouTube shooting channels are consistently answering questions like this with wacky experimental shooting videos.

It shouldn't be too surprising to see Edwin Sarkissian is the one who thought up this experiment. He's destroyed countless firearms in experiments that test the limits of guns beyond what the manufacturer designed the weapons for.

In today's video, he's encased four handguns, two semi-autos and two revolvers in a high-quality concrete and has let the concrete harden around the barrel. What happens when the trigger is pulled? The results are fascinating to watch.

Well, that's not something you see every day. For the Hi-Point, the Taurus and the Glock, the concrete effectively worked as the world's largest and most inefficient suppressor. One from which the bullet cannot even escape. We can see why Edwin thought just the primer went off on a few of these with how muffled the sound was.

The experiment became much more interesting at the end when he unleashed the full power of the .500 Smith & Wesson. It was the only firearm to split the concrete apart and work itself free, albeit without the bullet ever clearing the barrel. A 700 grain, .500 S&W puts out about 2,200 foot pounds of energy to send bullets downfield at about 1,200 feet per second. All that energy had to go somewhere. It appears it all went out through the muzzle brake, effectively splitting the concrete.

Was this a silly experiment? Yes. Was it interesting? Indeed. In the end, many of these gun channels get to do fun stuff like this that we would all love to try, but simply cannot afford to do. Thanks Edwin, for helping answer a gun question we never thought to ask.

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