Gun Shot to the Leg, or Just Mad Skill? Which Will it be for This Gunslinger?

Brace yourself. This dude is bringing the heat.

In what seems to be a re-enactment of a movie or video game, this gunslinger's skit will leave you on the edge, wondering what is about to go down.

When you see a social clip involving a man and a gun with as much engagement as this video is getting, you know two things. Either the guy has got some mad skills or a gun shot to the leg or foot is about to unfold.

Or possibly even both.

As the video rolls on, the man showcases some pretty impressive moves. Twirling and spinning the pistols and stuffing them into holsters. You squint waiting for something bad to happen, but the gunslinger nails every move and ends the video in style.

Many are cracking jokes, but let's be honest, if one of us attempted that, there would be a scratched up gun, busted knuckles and other various injuries.

This gunslinger is just too much to handle.

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