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Gun Shop Actually Has a Jar of Shame for Rounds from “Unloaded” Guns

It’s okay to laugh… but don’t be the one to give the anti-gun crowd a reason to complain! Here’s a good-humored reminder about a serious issue.

So, with the holidays over, it’s time to hit the gun shops, checking for sales or for something to go with that new firearm you got for Christmas. Remember not to be “that guy” holding a loaded firearm in a store. Watch the video below about gun shop “don’ts.”

So, it’s kind of funny when it’s scripted, but remember there is a person on the other side of the counter. You shouldn’t pull a gun anywhere, including a gun shop, unless you intend to use it. As mentioned in the video it’s not safe and you might be sweeping half the store with a loaded firearm.

While on the subject of loaded firearms, don’t. This video poked fun at the issue but accidents happen. Notice the jar, in a matter of a few weeks they had several rounds collected that people didn’t realize were racked. Double checking never hurt anyone.


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Gun Shop Actually Has a Jar of Shame for Rounds from “Unloaded” Guns