Guitar Pick Fire Starter
YouTube: WayPoint Survival

Why a Guitar Pick Deserves a Spot in Your Survival Kit

Ever since the first people made fire by striking rocks or rubbing two sticks together, fire has been a constant in the lives of humans. It's usually the most important thing a person needs in a survival scenario — if they hope to make it out alive. And there's a bevy of fire-starting products on the market that will help you strike-up a flame, even under cold or wet conditions. However, many of these products are quite expensive, and many are bulkier than we would like for a simple survival kit where we like to keep things light and simple. Well, it turns out, there are options for starting a fire that you probably never thought about that are also cheap and lightweight.

In today's video WayPoint Survival shows just how easy it is to stoke a fire when using hemp string or a guitar pick. Yes, a guitar pick. Not many people realize this musician's tool is highly-flammable and burns hot and fast. The video shows how to start a fire using a lighter and a standard store-bought fire starter.

The reason guitar picks are such a great fire starter, is because they are made from celluloid. This material is technically a type of plastic developed for dressing wounds and as an emulsion in early photographic plates. The material contains a highly-flammable compound called nitrocellulose. As a result, it makes for an incredible fire-starting material. What's even better is that guitar picks are insanely cheap. You can get a dozen or more for less than $10.

The picks are also light and small enough to be packed-away in a preexisting first-aid kit or survival kit. You could also do as WayPoint Survival did, taping them directly to a lighter so they are always available if you need one. This is such a simple camping hack, but it could be one that could save your life one day. We're likely going to add a few guitar picks to all our outdoor gear bags here soon. You just never know when you might need it.

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