Man standing in a river fishing while wearing Grundéns waders.

Grundéns Adds New GORE-TEX Wader Collection for Anglers

Within all the fishing apparel brands on the landscape, the category of angling waders might have the most contested entries. Whether you're fly fishing or conventional fishing, a good pair of waders is an essential tool to get where you need to be so that you can present your fly or lure to fish from the ideal position. If a big-name brand comes out with new waders, it's well worth the attention.

Grundéns is entering the fray and pushing for a new product they're calling "the most durably waterproof, breathable, and comfortable wading collection on the market." They've got their work cut out for them, but the initial offerings of the Boundary waders and wading boots look promising.

"With nearly 100 years of know-how designing and manufacturing products that keep anglers protected from the harshest conditions imaginable, combined with some very passionate fly anglers, we offer our initial wading collection with some of the most innovative thinking in waders," says Dave Mellon, Grundéns CEO. "In partnership with GORE-TEX, we've designed our waders and wading boots to be the strongest, most comfortable, and trustworthy wading products available. This is the beginning of a multi-year extension bringing fly fishing into our complete fishing line, further strengthening our We Are Fishing brand positioning."

Grundéns' New Boundary Wader Collection

At the heart of a pair of waders' primary objectives is keeping anglers dry. If the waters you're fishing in are frigid, waders are the first line of defense against the elements. The protection they provide is essential and can quickly help stretch a day on the water into a more extended experience.

Grundéns uses GORE-TEX PRO 4L and 3L fabrics and a modern fused and contoured suspension system to help set their Boundary waders apart and deliver the "most durably waterproof, breathable, and rugged protection," in their own words. The men's version will come in zippered and non-zippered models, and the women's will be non-zip. The patterning on the legs is atypical, allowing for more durability by removing the seams from critical wear zones.  The anatomically-shaped booties are made from thermal heat retention neoprene technology. There's a brushed fleece-lined handwarmer pocket and large storage pockets, checking the required boxes for a good pair of waders.

The waders will also accompany men's and women's wading boots, available in Vibram rubber and felt outsole options. That combination creates a complete wading system with the expert product research and development that Grundéns is well known for. The female accessibility of the same technology and construction helps cement that "We Are Fishing" idea at the brand's heart.

It remains to be seen how well the new waders stack up to the rest of Grundéns' outerwear, rain gear, footwear, and other angling-based accessories, but early indications point to them being an impressive addition's collection. The waders will be available in the Spring of 2023 and come in 13 men's and 11 women's sizes. They'll range in price from $699.99 to $899.99. Two models of wading boots will have a price tag ranging from $249.99 to $299.99. Keep an eye out for their official availability and learn more about the brand at Grundé