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Lone Grizzly Bear Wages Bloody War with Wolf Pack in Montana

Here's a blood-thirsty battle-royal pitting a lone grizzly bear against a pack of wolves. Definitely must-see images! 

A grizzly bear is a force to be reckoned with, especially one that has worked up an appetite. Then again, a pack of wolves are nothing to scoff at. Which do you think will take the coveted deer prize in this dramatic and 'worthy-of-an-award' photo essay?

Tom Littlejohns, a 75-year-old photographer and logistics consultant from England, was recently vacationing in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. While touring the snow-covered beauty of the landscape, he came across a scene which was relatively tame and friendly at first - a wolf pack feeding on a deer kill. But then things got interesting. Enter an uninvited guest in the form of an ornery grizzly bear. And what you have is nature's version of Fight Club:

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"In these particular images, I saw the change from relatively docile and almost large cuddly wolves become unbelievably ferocious both with each other and prepared to take on a fully grown Grizzly, said Littlejohns. The environment was very hostile, hungry wolves and aggressive grizzlies are to be treated with serious respect."

"There were five of us plus I recall three guides armed with a kind of cattle prod in case the Grizzly became too friendly. Interestingly enough the wildlife, as is often the case, took little interest in us humans although I'm quite sure the wolves were aware because most of the time they kept the carcass between them and us."

In terms of wildlife photography, images don't get any better than that. Absolutely mind-blowing.

And there's a lesson to be learned here: don't tempt a hungry bear with food unless you want to lose your lunch. Plain and simple.

Grizzly Bear - 1, Wolf Pack - 0.