primitive archery selfbow demonstration

Great Demonstration of Shooting a Primitive Aboriginal Selfbow

If you have ever wondered whether a primitive bow could shoot as straight as a compound bow, now's as good a time as any to find out the truth.

With the right technique, and a bow that fits the archer, anything is possible.

A selfbow, usually made from a single piece of wood, is the kind of bow your long-gone ancestors probably used. Some naysayers claim shooting straight with one is too hard, and they'd never use one for much more than decoration.

Ryan Gill, Wide Open Spaces primitive archery video contributor, shuts those doubts down, not only with this primitive archery demonstration, but also with the knowledge he has shared in the past. He consistently demonstrates commitment to excellent craftsmanship as well as the actual use of the equipment he builds.

Ryan isn't just a primitive archery fanatic; he uses his primitive bows to hunt and has demonstrated that for us in a number of excellent primitive archery videos. He is truly an expert with a passion for what he does.

Check out more of Ryan's videos on his YouTube channel and visit his online store here.