GRAPHIC: Severely Injured Stray Dog Found Hiding in Stranger's Home

When Animal Aid fielded a call about a badly wounded street dog, rescuers wasted no time in responding.

According to the caller, the dog had crawled into a stranger's house seeking shelter. Sure enough, when the Animal Aid rescue team arrived, they were ushered into a home and led to an alcove underneath the staircase.

There, huddled among miscellany, was the dog. On his neck was a massive, infected wound. His condition was serious.

A rescue team worker offered the dog a snack. With some gentle contact and a bit of coaxing, he was able to lift the dog up and carry him out to the rescue truck. The dog was remarkably docile and trusting despite the pain he was in.

The dog was rushed back to Animal Aid's shelter. There, he immediately underwent evaluation and his treatment began. Caretakers started the dog on much-needed IV fluids, pain meds, and antibiotics.

When they began to tend to the wound, they realized it was far worse than they'd anticipated. They removed dead tissue and thoroughly cleaned the area. After bandaging him up, it was time for rest.

Over the next six weeks, the dog, later named Jupiter, gradually regained his strength as he healed. With nutritious meals, regular wound care, and plenty of affection, Jupiter bounced back.


Today, thanks to Animal Aid, Jupiter is happy and healthy. He will spend the rest of his life at the Animal Aid shelter, surrounded by other rescued street animals. Never again will he find himself lacking food, shelter, or love.

Founded in 2002, Animal Aid is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing India's ill and injured street animals, and to inspiring the public to protect and defend the voiceless.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless work on behalf of India's abused, neglected, and unwanted animals and learn how you can help save precious lives just like Jupiter's.

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