Remember the 23-Foot Python Snake That Swallowed a Woman Whole?

The family discovered her remains inside the snake's body. 

It's a story that could be the plot of a horror movie. A woman in Indonesia had gone missing while checking her garden. Family members went searching a short while later, and found her remains in an unlikely spot: Inside the body of a giant snake.

The woman, 54-year-old Wa Tiba, had gone to tend her vegetable garden on Muna Island (in the Sulawesi province of Indonesia) on a Thursday night. By Saturday, family and community members launched a search party for her. Shortly thereafter they discovered her flashlight and sandals in the garden.

After continuing their search they made the unfortunate discovery. A 23-foot-long python was located just 50 yards away with a bloated belly. After killing the snake, they opened it to discover Tiba's body intact, clothes and all.

Though a python attack is rare, this Indonesian woman fell victim to one of nature's deadly predators. The 23-foot python is not even among the longest snakes found in southeast Asia. Reticulated pythons can grow up to 30 or more.

This isn't the first time in recent past that pythons have made the news, as they're being actively and legally hunted in Florida as an invasive species. Right alongside wild boars, pythons are proving to be a destructive nuisance to the ecosystems they've been introduced to.

But it was on their home turf of Indonesia, that this unfortunate incident occurred.

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