Grandfather Dies Saving His Grandchild From Drowning In Heroic Sacrifice
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Grandfather Dies Saving His Grandchild From Drowning In Heroic Sacrifice

Tragedy struck over the weekend as a 71-year-old grandfather drowned after going into the water to save his "struggling" grandchild. According to USA Today, the accident took place below the Mikana Dam, on the shore of Red Cedar Lake. The lake sits over 200 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

Chris Fitzgerald, the Baron County Sheriff, mentioned in a Facebook post that a search and rescue conducted by local agencies was unsuccessful in locating the elderly gentleman after he was "unaccounted for" earlier in the day.

The grandfather's remains were eventually located by a dive team. The specialists were contacted to search the water after the local agencies were unsuccessful in their initial efforts.

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Heroic Grandfather Drowns in Wisconsin Lake

According to the Department's Facebook post, the grandfather had taken two grandchildren to the lake on Saturday. Both children were reported to have been wearing life jackets during their afternoon of fishing and swimming.

The grandfather jumped into the water as one of the children began to struggle in the life jacket. He was initially successful in helping the struggling child. Both children, with the help of their grandfather, reached more shallow water, where they were able to stand, and then walk to shore.

Unfortunately, after both children had been saved, their grandfather was reported to have "went under and drowned," via a Facebook report from the Baron County Sheriff's Department.

The post went on to thank the first responders who did all they could on Saturday for the family.

The tragedy is a grave reminder of the inherent dangers of weekends spent on the water. As the Fourth of July holiday weekend approaches, precautions should be made by any and all planning on spending time at their local lake or river.

And while the passing of the grandfather is certainly heartbreaking, it is also a story of heroism. The fearlessness from the grandfather saved a child's life on Saturday. The man acted as a hero, and he will be remembered as such.