Turtle GoPro
YouTube: The Fish Whisperer

GoPro Footage Gives a Turtle's Eye View of an Underwater World

This GoPro footage gives a turtle's-eye view of an underwater world.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like under the surface of your favorite fishing hole? It is fun to wonder what mysteries may lay beneath the surface that only the fish, frogs and turtles see. That is why the video we are sharing today is so cool.

The Fish Whisperer has built a successful career on YouTube making awesome fish and turtle feeding videos near his pond. They are oddly satisfying to watch. Then he got an idea. Why not strap a GoPro camera to a turtle's back to see what the turtle sees?

The experiment proves to be a great success and gives a turtle's first-person perspective of the world these reptiles live. It is sure to put a smile on your face.

This is some of the coolest underwater or GoPro footage that we have ever seen. Who better to show you the mysteries under the water's surface than a turtle? This reptile was handsomely rewarded for his work too with some nice, fresh shad meals.

The bass and catfish that the Fish Whisperer has at this pond are gigantic. We guess that is what happens when you are feeding them giant, fresh shad every day. He obviously does not ever catch these fish either. They would be wary to what is going on. We love the fact the turtles are so comfortable here that one does not mind being caught and having a GoPro strapped to its back for a while.

This was one of the most creative videos we have seen in a while. It seems like everyone loves turtles these days. Seeing things from their perspective just makes it more fun. Thanks to the Fish Whisperer for a fun video and a peek at a world we do not often get to see!

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