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Google Wants You to Travel Through Japan from a Dog’s View

The story about the beloved loyal Akita dog, Hachiko, is one of many reasons "dog view" was launched by Google Japan.

Dog lovers can now visit the birthplace of the Akita dog breed and where the Hachiko story took place - told through the eyes of Akita-inu dogs.  

Google Japan unveiled a new Google Maps functionality allowing users to put themselves inside the map behind a dog. Google Street View launched a "dog view" giving us a sense of what a place looks like for man's best friend, starting in Odate City, the birthplace of the Akita dog breed. 

The new street view feature is made possible by two Akita dogs, one of Japan's oldest native breeds. Their names are Ako and Asuka. Fluffy ears and curly tails that make their way into the 360-degree camera view are reason enough to take tours through this historic Japanese city.

The Akita dogs wear video cameras attached to dog-friendly harnesses on their backs to capture the city's stories and they may be better at curating content than a human photographer! In the street view, you see the dog's head as you navigate through the various tourist attractions and along snowy mountain trails. 

As reported by Fox News:

"The project is all part of an effort to promote Odate City and to highlight its long-time connection with its beloved breed of dog. The most famous Akita to have lived is Odate-born Hachiko, who in the 1920s used to wait every day outside Tokyo's Shibuya station for his owner to return from work."

The good boys take you on a walk through the city's best attractions, including the bronze statue of Hachiko, Odate City's most famous dog, whose loyalty to his owner, Dr. Ueno, inspired several films. The film with Richard Gere "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" that made you cry for hours is the one that you're likely most familiar with featuring this famous Akita. 

In addition to the famous Shibuya Train Station, the furry friends visit the Akita Dog Museum (clearly) and the hot spring footbath of Otaki Onsen Tsuru to complete the Google dog view

We hope this "dog view" is a new digital trend! It's already happened twice in Asia no; do you remember the friendly Golden Retriever who leads walking tours of the tiny island Jukdo in South Korea?

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Do you want the United States to pick up this "dog view" in some of your fave cities? Put in the comments which cities are worthy? Let's influence Google Maps to add dog view ASAP. Wouldn't a tour of NYC be amazing from a small camera on a dog? 

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